"When solid form dissipates, we are left with essence. This is what I'm after - The expression and feeling derived from the essence of my subject."

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I believe that art is useful in two ways - The act of creating art is an experience for the artist that can be very therapeutic and insightful. The process and medium are modes for self-discovery. When a viewer experiences the creation, they too can have an experience of self-discovery. The artist and viewer enter into a communication beyond words, transcending our physical world, bringing them closer to a more profound truth where we merge. This communication is my goal when creating art.

I believe that consciousness is the one thing that can heal all ailments. With greater awareness of ourselves and our minds, we become more compassionate, more capable, more connected, and most importantly, more allowing. Allowance is the key to connection. It is my aim, through my work, to assist in creating more awareness, more self-reflection and to promote feelings associated with beauty, love, and joy. Art has a way of communicating truth without words. When it works, it communicates in a way that creates an ecstatic moment of revelation in our consciousness that can transform us. What we see is what we are. Meditate with this in mind the next time you are confronting art. Go inside yourself and pay attention to your feelings and thoughts. Allow whatever is present, and you'll be the change that you seek in the world.