Blue Dawn

Three Days of Silence
March 24, 2020
Blue Dawn
Blue Dawn

Walking in Venice, for me, is akin to walking in nature. It's the only city I've visited that feels as tranquil as the forest. Despite being a city of brick and stone, I sense an inner softness and reflective quality, especially in the late and early hours.

The photo below is part of a series of photographs I ventured to capture each morning at sunrise. The location is the waterfront adjacent to Saint Marks Square. In the early morning hours, Venice is incredibly quiet, and in December, very cold. With cloud cover, there was a calming, fresh blue hue to the sky.

The mission was to capture photos of the gondolas at dawn with implied movement. In-person, the softly bobbing gondolas are hypnotic. Using a slow shutter on my camera, I imply the action with a slight motion blur.

Reflecting on this photograph almost a year later, I can recall the sound of water lapping on the stone below my feet and the visually hypnotic rhythm of the gondolas. Meditate on this image. See if you can sense the subtle movement and sound. Can you detect the movement within your physical structure? Use this photo to reflect the energy within your chest - Softly flowing and peaceful. Let this feeling be your meditation as you hypnotize yourself with your inner rhythm.

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